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Announcement Time!

June 10, 2009

If all goes according to plan, very shortly I shall have myself a shiny new MS degree. And that, dear friends, is where I shall part with graduate school. It’s been fun – well, not fun. But educational, at least.  Consequently, I am also moving. I haven’t found employment yet, so the final destination has yet to be decided. But, for now at least, I will be heading home to Colorado to enjoy the summer, and if I’m lucky enough to find a job there, much more of the year.

Leaving Los Angeles might be harder than I initially thought it would be. While I am more than happy to leave the traffic and pay parking and smog behind, there is quite a bit I am going to miss. My neighborhood, the copious movie theaters showing all the little indie films, the beach, Trader Joe’s. And I only just discovered Yogurtland.  Most of all, I’ll be sad to leave my new-found friends.

So, I probably need to change the name of this blog, huh? I don’t know what the mechanics are involved with changing the url, or if it’s worth the trouble, but I will look into it. Any suggestions?

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