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May Album Review

June 8, 2009

thermalsNow We Can See – The Thermals – The Thermals are an indie rock band out of Portland, OR. I picked this album for May because I really liked the title track, “Now We Can See”.   I’d never heard of them before, but this is their fourth studio album. It’s a bit macabre – written from the perspective of a dead person. The first track “When I Died” goes, “Yeah when I died/my head did swell/I said to myself/nature should take its sweet time/ I was already losing my spine.” A lot of the songwriting delves into letting go, giving in and feeling pretty good about it. There’s some interesting commentary on the state of the earth, or rather, the state of the earth and human manipulation of nature. The pronoun “we” is used quite frequently, and you get the distinct impression that Hutch Harris isn’t just including the band. Rating: 4

petergabrielSo – Peter Gabriel – So I’ve been  trying to listen to the albums on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list, and deciding just go to be too bothersome so I let a random number pick this one. I’m not a huge fan of Peter Gabriel.  This album was not my favorite. “Sledgehammer” has always been a song that has freaked me out. Something so overtly sexual coming from that man just gives me the willies. Also the music video was stop motion, and I hate stop motion.  The rest of the songs were meh, with the exception of “In Your Eyes”, which I do really like, but only because of its association with Say Anything. Rating: 2

For June, I’ll be listening to 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day and Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel.

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