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April Album Review

May 17, 2009

crooked fingersForfeit/FortuneCrooked Fingers So I choose this album to listen to because I heard the song “Luisa’s Bones” on Chuck (which by the way- looks to be renewed) and really liked it.  Crooked Fingers are a Denver-based band (it’s a collision of awesome!) led by Eric Bachmann. The album kicks off with “What Never Comes”, a mid-tempo, big-sounding, saxophone-solo of a song.  “Luisa’s Bones” is a story song, about Luisa’s ghosts and those exacting revenge for her murder. Great vocals on the track and used to perfection in Chuck v. the Dream Job (culminating in this). The whole album has got a kind of south-of-the-border gypsy feel to it that makes me think of people dancing around a fire at night. Like in Chocolat. But minus Johnny Depp.  The album’s got several catchy songs, including “Cannibals” and “Your Control” on which Neko Case duets.  The best part is reading all the reviews for this album on independent music sites, mostly complaining about how it sounds “too produced” and “not created” while simultaneously bitching about it being self-released. Bitch, bitch bitch. Anyway, I loved it.  Rating: 4.8

sly-family-stone-805-lStand!Sly and the Family Stone I love me some good funk, and Sly and his fam delivered quite nicely. We actually talked about this band in a history class in college (it was the first band to have black and white people). Watching your uptight white female professor stand awkwardly in front of a lecture hall while “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey” plays on the room’s stereo system will brighten anyone’s day.  Stand! has the single “Everyday People” which became a number one hit and lives on today in car commercials. “I Want to Take You Higher” and “You Can Make it if You Try” are a couple other classic inspirational we-can-all-be-friends songs.  Rating: 3.8

Rating system:

5- I love it! Bury me with this album.

4- I like it! Will be joining my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes.

3- It was good. I will only be listening to this because music critics tell me I should, or I will be listening to this repeatedly even though music critics tell me I shouldn’t.

2- Meh. Can you resell digital music?

1- Craptastic. On par with most actor-turned-musician releases.

For May (now more than half over) I’ve been listening to Now We Can See by The Thermals and So by Peter Gabriel (courtesy of a random number generator).

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