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Project 365 Days 41-48

April 7, 2009


41. After considerable planning and conjoling I convinced three friends to hit up Vegas for the weekend. Unfortunately I had to drive from Los Angeles by myself, which as I found out first hand is one of the worst drives in America. MSN dubbed it “the highway to hell”. I sat in bumper to bumper traffic for 4 hours, going n0 more than 10 mph. Right as I was sure I was about to lose my mind and drive off an overpass or stop my car, put it in park, and get out to step in front of the next semi, I saw this trailer loaded with crap and a line of stuffed animals roped to the side like captives of battle. Elmo had “Help me” written on his stomach. It seemed completely normal.

42. We stayed at the Luxor hotel, mainly because it was the cheapest nice hotel on the strip I could find. Another friend stayed at the Wynn (super swank), which meant endless trekking up and the down strip. We happened to be there for Earth hour, and most of the hotels dimmed their lights or turned them off (exterior only) from 8-9pm. By the time I took this photo of the Flamingo it was much later. At some point in the night we stopped to watch the water show at the Bellagio, set to “Luck be a Lady” by Sinatra.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was pretty sweet, and much better than the time I saw it set to some god awful country song, as I was saying to Mark. The next show only minutes later was to “Proud to be an American” and it was as cringeworthy as you would expect. God I hate that song.

43. I would say half the party left town broke and broken. Literally. $2 and limping.  I won’t say who. The drive home was much better, though after hours of looking forward to getting Chick-Fil-A in Ontario, I was crushed to realize it was a Sunday.

44. Silhouette in Westwood. At the largest size I noticed a teensy tiny airplane amongst the leaves.

45. So I made myself a pinhole camera.

46. Spring leaves. I find it odd that the leaves fall off the tree and grow back in a climate that doesn’t really change.

47. Street lights at LACMA. The art museum has an installment set up outside with hundreds of streetlights very close together in rows and columns. I didn’t like it much at first but it’s growing on me.

48. Fountain in the complex. It was Friday night and I was walking home from Adventureland, which I recommend. It was a bit different than what I was expecting, but still good. It was much sadder and complex and real. Kind of Freaks and Geeks like.

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  1. April 7, 2009 9:22 pm

    Great photos! I particularly like number 48, the water fountain!

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