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Project 365 Days 9-16

March 4, 2009


From top left:

1. Glass marbles.

2. View from the top floor of downtown at sunset. Would be better if the pollution didn’t make everything look dirty.

3. The wall in the lobby to my building. They’ve been renovating since I moved in and the lobby is more or less done. They put these crazy textured walls up.

4. Random building art, along Santa Monica, I think. I always wonder who does these. Did the building owners commission someone to do it? Why? Was it a random act of art?

5. Self-portrait

6. Santa Monica pier at dusk. I drove down to Santa Monica for errand-running type shopping. It’s not particularly close and I forgot that it was Saturday and crazy busy. I drove through an entire parking garage looking for a spot and there were none. After I finally made it out of the store, the light was fading, so I got an ice cream cone and walked down towards the beach. Totally made up for the earlier parking rage.

7. Abstract writing. Not my favorite way to spend a Sunday, but I finished it. And it didn’t need too many revisions!

8. Mail! Super saver shipper from Amazon is the shit. And since I live right next to the distribution center, I usually get stuff delivered within 2-3 days.

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