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February Album Review

March 4, 2009

kingsofleonOnly By The NightKings of Leon I have to say I solidly liked this album. I didn’t feel compelled to skip over any songs, which is actually quite a feat. This is actually the band’s fourth studio album, which came as a bit of surprise, having never heard of them before. But well, if I had, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. “Sex on Fire” is still something I want to listen after hearing it what, 200 times now? “Be Somebody” has sort of a defiant, lay it all out on the dance floor attitude that sort of reminds me of “Dancing Queen” in a weird roundabout way. “Closer” has got kind of a creepy alone in the desert kind of feel to it…but so does a good deal of the rest of the album. Rating: 3.6

franksinatra1In the Wee Small HoursFrank Sinatra Classic album, loved it. Truth be told, though, I never get tired of listening to Sinatra. The voice, the swelling orchestra–it makes me a bit frustrated we haven’t gotten around to that time machine yet. I’d go back to Vegas in the ’50s and catch a show at the Desert Inn, wear this vintage dress, and drink martinis like mad. Despite the fact that nearly the entire album follows themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and unrequited love, it’s hard not to answer yes when Sinatra asks “An’ look at yourself, do you still believe the rumor, that romance is simply grand?” Rating: 4

Rating system:

5- I love it! Bury me with this album.

4- I like it! Will be joining my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes.

3- It was good. I will only be listening to this because music critics tell me I should, or I will be listening to this repeatedly even though music critics tell me I shouldn’t.

2- Meh. Can you resell digital music?

1- Craptastic. On par with most actor-turned-musician releases.

Up next: The self-titled sophomore album from hometown boys The Fray and Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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