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January 14, 2009

I thought I’d do an update about how my new year’s resolutions are going, since it’s been about two weeks.

The first resolution was to listen to more new music, at least one record per month. I actually decided to expand this idea and in addition to one (relatively) new record, I’m going to do one throwback record as well. In all truth the motivation behind this was that one of my lists is Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums. Not that I think that RS is the definitive judge on music quality, but I won’t get into a debate about music journalism here. For January I’m listening to Dear Science by TV on the Radio and  The Velvet Underground & Nico by (duh) The Velvet Underground.

As far as healthy living goes, well, I had a salad for dinner, so I’m sure that counts for something.

I looked into a 5K race…Race for the Cure is happening mid-March. Now I’m working on waking up early to get workouts in. So far I’ve been unsuccessful at this endeavor for a year and a half.

Injury report: I know I hit my head twice (probably on open cabinet doors), fell up the stairs (and absorbed most of the impact with the intermediate phalange on my ring finger). Damn my bones are strong!

As for #2 and #5- epic fail. It’s only been seven days but I know this quarter is going to be a test of my will. I feel exhausted already.  The only thing motivating me for the rest of the week is a day trip to Santa Barbara on Saturday. The weather should be nice- it’s been nearly ninety degrees here. (Yes- 9-0).

By the way, if you have any recommendations for new albums, I’m all ears. I’ve got my classic album for February picked out, but I’m still looking for a newly released album.


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