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R is for Reminiscent

December 3, 2008

Rob Thomas

The other day I was listening to the radio, and every day they do this mash up thing of three songs and one movie. If you identify all four you win something. It’s usually pretty hard. That’s what she said. One day somebody called in and guessed Matchbox Twenty as one of the songs. The DJ said, “Dude, it will never EVER be Matchbox Twenty,” and the 14 year old inside me cried a little.

I’ll the first to admit that Matchbox Twenty is not that cool. They get played a lot on the adult contemporary station. But I don’t care. Rob Thomas could sit down at a piano and play me songs forever and it’d be heaven. He’s a pretty great songwriter, too. He wrote “Smooth” for Carlos Santana which you probably heard about 400 times in 1999. And in case you missed it, he was in an episode of It’s Always Sunny with Sinbad. Yes, Sinbad is still alive.

Cover of “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper:

And my favorite song, maybe of all time:

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