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Pushing Daisies

November 11, 2008

PD 2Due to the generosity of a friend I got tickets to the writer’s panel this evening at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.  The people at the Paley Center also put on the Judd Apatow panel that I went to awhile back.  The screening room at their building is pretty small- about 100 seats.  We first got to watch the episode airing next week, “Oh Oh Oh… it’s Magic.” (Wednesday 8/7c, watch it) The first season was cut short due to the writer’s strike and this, its second season, has only received a 13 episode order. Word from executive producer Bryan Fuller is that they still haven’t heard a decision from the higher ups at ABC about whether or not the series will continue.  If you haven’t been watching Pushing Daisies, as you should have been because of my recommendation in the sidebar —> then, well, you should. Network TV these days is pretty much filled with tripe.  Remakes of 90210, Bionic Woman, Knight Rider (really NBC, really?) and the god-awful adaptation of Kath and Kim (I’m beginning to notice a trend: NBC seems to be committing most of these atrocities.)  are just a few examples.

The premise of the show is that there is a boy who can bring things back to life by touching them. Touch them again and they go back to being dead. One day he touches his dead childhood sweetheart and brings her back to life. Of course, now he can never touch her again. The sexual tension is, well…there is a lot of sexual tension. The boy, Ned (Lee Pace), is a pie maker. Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) works in his pie shop. To bring in extra money Ned helps a detective friend, Emerson Cod (played by the awesome Chi McBride), solve mysteries using his unique abilities. The girl, Chuck, is played by Anna Friel,PD who is so beautiful I’m pretty sure my eyes are more green than blue whenever I watch the show.

For me, the main attraction of the show is the visual element. Bright vivid colors and magical realism abound. Bryan Fuller mentioned a lot of his inspiration came from Amelie. I’ve actually been compiling screenshots of Chuck’s outfits for a future post. On top of the fact that it’s visually fascinating to watch, it’s actually very funny. You have to pay attention because there are a lot of moments where you stop and think, “Wait, does that mean what I think it means? Did they just say that?”  The network sensors aren’t too smart when it comes to double entendres.

It’s nice to see a show with such vivid imagination and bright characters in a TV landscape that is sadly lacking. Unfortunately, Pushing Daisies may not get a reprieve from the network. So if you haven’t been watching, start. If you have, tell your friends. If for no other reason, then at least for the benefit of my Wednesday nights.

Should the show not get renewed however, we were told that the story lines would likely be resolved via comic book. And maybe a movie.

I have to say my favorite part about tonight was getting to watch the episode with a big audience. Everybody laughed a lot, and so did I. Maybe more than I would have at home by myself. I think all TV should be screened in theaters with large audiences. It makes it so much more enjoyable, and just backs up my theory that all comedies should be seen in theaters with packed opening weekend crowds. It probably helped that anybody who would go to a writer’s panel for a TV show is either a TV nerd or an über fan. But, the writers and producers there did seem very touched that we all enjoyed it so much. They said it was very gratifying to get audience feedback, which is a rarity.

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  1. November 12, 2008 10:00 am

    If Pushing Daisies gets cancelled, I think I honestly would cry. It’s good to know they plan on wrapping up the storyline, though.

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