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If the building’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin…cause it’s probably an Earthquake

July 31, 2008

Tuesday I was sitting at my desk in my office, on the sixth floor of a fairly tall building when I noticed things seemed to be moving. I figured I was about to pass out due to boredom but then other people noticed it too.  It took a few seconds for me to realize it was an earthquake.  A couple things pass through your mind: 1) What the hell do I do? 2) God, I hope this isn’t the big one and 3)  What are the odds this desk is going to save me if the four stories above collapse?  It really didn’t last that long, and except for some swaying of the building it wasn’t too bad. Or at least, I didn’t think it was, until the two women in the cubicles next to me began talking of “that was a big one” and “I’m not waiting for the aftershocks, where are the stairs?” Right after it was over, I was sort of at a loss. What do you do? Just sit back down and get to work? No, of course not. You pick up your phone and call somebody.  Which is why all cell phone grids were down, not because of people calling emergency services for help, but because of people calling friends in the next building over. “Did you feel that??? I was at my desk! I think I’m gonna take my lunch break now. Hahaha!” Anyway, I was hoping work would sort of be shut down for the rest of the day, but no dice.

Being the nerdy scientist I am, I started thinking about the sheer amount of energy it takes to move that much matter, and our current energy crisis. If only I could find a way to harness the energy released in an earthquake and convert it to gas for my car.  Unfortunately, you never know when or where one is going to strike. If only I had a time machine…

Completely unrelated to earthquakes: I got a haircut last week.  I spent a good amount of time looking up salons that were close to where I live, because I try to avoid driving as much as possible.  I found one within walking distance and wandered over there, but I couldn’t find the building. I’m pretty sure the address of the place was in the middle of an intersection. Then I remembered that there’s a hair salon also within walking distance that I run by sometimes.  When I walked in, the woman was helping someone else and asked if I could come back in an hour. It was a decent price, so I said sure.  As I was walking out, I couldn’t help but think that I was making a huge mistake. Like, this woman was seriously going to jack up my hair.  But despite logic and instinct, I went back.  First off, she washed my hair with Pantene. Really? Secondly, she was straight-up downing Bud Lights while cutting my hair.  Now I understand, it was hot out, and a cold beer really hits the spot sometimes, but she was full on hiccuping.  It wasn’t an awful haircut, but I kept it simple with the requests. Just a few inches, please. Next time I’m going to Supercuts, because at least then if your hair gets effed up, you don’t have to explain to people that your stylist tripped because she was in a leg brace and maybe a little drunk, and that’s why you have a chunk missing from the back of your head. You just have to say, “Supercuts.”

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  1. Jason permalink
    August 27, 2008 4:12 pm

    I remember my first earthquake back in March or April. It was like a 5 or a little less. I bolted out of my apartment to find no one else as interested in the earthquake as me. Once all the car alarms were shut off and once I stopped shaking, it was actually kinda fun.

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