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Girl Crush!

July 22, 2008

I cannot. stop. listening to One of the Boys by Katy Perry. Living in LA has sort of skewed my perspective on what’s popular, but “I Kissed A Girl” was all over the radio a few weeks ago, so I assume everyone everywhere knows it. It’s pretty much everything I look for in a pop album: catchy melodies and a little bit of guilt. I can’t guarantee this isn’t an album I’ll listen to a hundred times and then banish the way of the All-American Rejects, but for now I love it. Besides, anybody who cites Queen, the Beach Boys, Heart, and your mom as musical influences gets high marks in my book. “Waking Up in Vegas” is maybe my favorite song. “Ur So Gay” I thought was stupid until I saw the video, but now it’s growing on me.

Also, Katy Perry is my new style icon. I love the whole 40s and 50s pinup look, with the halter top and retro glasses. I might have to find myself some red lipstick. And my hair is definitely going to be going dark again soon. I think she looks like Zooey Deschanel. (Which is a good thing.) Anyway, if you haven’t seen the video for “I Kissed A Girl”, watch it and maybe drool a little bit:

Bonus video for “Thinking of You”:

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