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I think it’s German for “Whale’s Vagina”

July 11, 2008

I’m leaving tomorrow to head down Mexico way via Hell’s Mouth, so I thought I should at least mention last weekend’s trip before it slips away from me.

I drove down to San Diego for the 4th and met up with Chocolate Thunder and Jenn and Co. I don’t know how, but Chocolate Thunder’s friend has a pretty sweet setup right along the beach.  It was good times, despite the thick fog (that came straight out of The Mist) covering the city for most of the day. Six of us split a room at La Quinta Inn, which was quite a deal at $20 per person. I even got to stay for free, since I gave my beach chair to Jenn, who promptly lost it.

The one thing about traveling in large groups is that it is sometimes hard for everyone to decide on what to do. Especially when you don’t know or aren’t friends with everybody.  I remember all the marching band trips we took as the most fun I ever had in high school, but I think those memories are probably seen through rose-colored glasses. At the time we were tired and cranky, spent a lot of time on buses, were always on time deadlines, and never had any time alone. I’m glad I’ve reached the point in my life where I can say, you know, I think I’ll just hang by myself for awhile. Which I did, and it was awesome. It makes for a much better vacation to not have to compromise or wait on strangers.

Saturday night we hung out in downtown San Diego and walked around the Gaslamp Quarter.  As far as downtowns go, San Diego’s is up there. Far better than the non-existent nightlife in Phoenix, and I’d have to even give it the edge over Denver. LoDo has a lot of bars and restaurants, but San Diego just seemed to have way more selection.  We ended up eating at Bondi, an Australian restaurant (which may have been a first for me, since I don’t think they count Outback Steak House). They had big weird tree sculptures made out of boomerangs. I had fish and chips, which, while good, I thought was British?

*Update: I’m not heading down Mexico way as previous planned. Lame-dash-o. Maybe I’ll hit up the outlet mall instead. Cause yeah, that’s about the same.

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  1. July 14, 2008 10:17 pm

    BOO for not going to Mexico as you had planned. Mexico can be a nice getaway. But, it still sounds like you had fun in San Diego. And you really can’t beat $20 for a hotel room.

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