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The Want Game

June 1, 2008

Friday I finally got around to watching one of the DVDs I’ve been holding hostage from Netflix, The Good German. I’m not sure why I had this in my queue to begin with. When you actually change the TV display to count down how many minutes are left in the movie, I think it’s safe to say the movie blows. Finally, it was over and I got up to hit the eject button and nothing happened. I hit the button again on the remote. Nothing. I turned it off and back on again- still nothing. It was 2 o’clock in the morning, I had just sat through a terrible George Clooney movie – which in itself is truly upsetting- and I was already in a weird funk that day. I almost broke down in tears because my stupid DVD player wasn’t working. I decided maybe it was time to get some sleep.

The next morning it still didn’t work. I found a pair of scissors and tried to pry the thing open, which only succeeded in snapping off the edge of the tray. About fifteen minutes later I had the movie out, but the player was in pieces. I may or may not have stabbed the LED clockface with a screwdriver. It was always ahead anyway. For awhile I debated throwing myself a pity party and having to suffer through watching movies on my laptop forever and ever, sad and alone. Instead I decided to play my favorite self-defeating game: I Want That! It goes like this:

If I’m going to get a new DVD player, I should just look into getting a new TV that comes with a DVD player, right? I mean my TV is about to crap out anyway, I’m going to have to upgrade at some point. Maybe a 32″ flat screen. I mean we did get those stimulus checks. And I just paid off my American Express. I could just charge it. I have a job, right?

But if I do that, then I’d want to get a new TV stand. My current set sits on the metal shelves I had in my dorm room. But then where would I put all my books? I need another bookcase. (At this point I get out a tape measure.) But maybe I should try to rearrange things and put my bed against the other wall. Oh I need a new mattress too. And since I have to buy a new mattress I might as well get a Queen size. Of course then I need a new frame. And then I’d need a new bedspread. Of course, then I could change the whole color scheme around. I was planning on putting up different artwork on the walls anyway….

And so it goes. I’ve redecorated this place dozens of times in my head. And that’s just my bedroom. I won’t even start on the living room. I think my mind would explode if we were allowed to paint or remodel. But as it turns out, I don’t have money for any of this. So all this stuff goes on a list of “Things to Save Up To Buy” except the only money I can save goes to buy electricity. Incidentally, this is just one of the many reasons I had to quit working at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was always redecorating in my head. I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to pick out a bed set.

In the end I wound up spending $35 on a cheap DVD player that’ll likely break in the coming months. But I was able to watch a movie tonight- and I even got the movie back from the electronic device when it was over. It was so pleasant in fact, that I completely spaced on my work shift. So much for that list.

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  1. June 2, 2008 1:11 pm

    Good for you for resisting the consumerism!

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