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K is for Kill Me

May 6, 2008

Kelly Clarkson

I actually watched American Idol the first season. It seemed a lot like Star Search, which I enjoyed back in the day. There was even another host besides Ryan Seacrest. I think he was a little too sarcastic because he knew how stupid the whole thing was, so he got canned. I assume, I don’t really know. But I imagine that guy wandering the streets of LA, looking up at billboards of Ryan Seacrest, and crying to himself a little.

Actually, this is what Wikipedia has to say about it: “He stated his departure was due to the terrible way they treated the young contestants on the show, staging the fights between the judges, reshooting contestants with glycerin producer-provided tears in their eyes. He went on to say that leaving the show was a mistake.” He was right, though, because the show is ridiculous. I watched about 15 minutes of it last week and wanted to cry. They made the Hispanic kid sing “America” by Neil Diamond.

Anyway, I didn’t even finish watching the first season, because I remember not even recognizing the name Kelly Clarkson after she won. Her first album was pretty much tripe, but her second album Breakaway was actually really good, and a lot more rock oriented, and I like it. There, I like Kelly Clarkson. I read somewhere that her next album is going to be more 90s Garbage inspired, so bring it on.

You know you like it too!

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