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I is for Incredibile

April 30, 2008


I’ll always associate Morning View with Italy. My Mom made us fit all of our stuff into a backpack for the trip, so I only had space to bring about 3 CDs. So at night, in the hotel, trying to drown out the sounds of the water in the pipes and the other hotel guests, on the train to Pisa, on the beach at Sorrento- Morning View was playing in my ears. And there’s always one person who’ll I’ll associate with Incubus, because he went on and on about them in Spanish class, and truth is, I probably maybe bought the album in the first place because of him.

Favorite lyrics:

“I hate to say it, but
You’re so much more endearing with the sound turned off”

A video, with appropriate footage:

And in case you’re wondering: cold days in LA are actually quite common.

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