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H is for Heya

April 29, 2008


This was tough. The H’s were kind of a wasteland. Not as bad as the L’s, but that’s coming. I have to confess I only have Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! and I’ve only listened to it all the way through maybe once or twice, but my alternatives were Hot Hot Heat or Hawthorne Heights, both of which are bands that are awesome for about three weeks until I stop paying attention. BUT- I do like zombies, aliens, vampires, and dinosaurs. All equally awesome. Not in that order though. In order it would be more like vampires, dinosaurs, aliens, and then zombies (mainly cause of the rotting).  This is my favorite song, “Here (In Your Arms)”. Check out the music video and it’s early 90s radicalness (Best listened to loudly):

It’s like a mix of Wet Hot American Summer, Revenge of the Nerds and my childhood. Did you catch the pogs? And the Juicy Fruit moment?? And the hot skinny nerdiness?!?!

Apparently they have a DVD out named appropriately “OMG HGB DVD ROTFL”. I also just learned via Wikipedia that the band started “with the interest only to entertain friends and woo crushes.” Also, their song, “Oh, It is Love” is the theme song to Engaged and Underage on MTV, which if you haven’t seen it my friends, like whoa.

So with one catchy pop song, welcome to the list of faves, Hellogoodbye.

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