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G is for Generation

April 26, 2008

Favorite bands, cont’d:

Green Day

The first Green Day album I ever got I stole from my Mom. I was looking for CDs to burn from her collection and I inexplicably came across Dookie. I think there were a few track names that sounded familiar, but I had no idea who they were.

Growing up, I was the oldest, so I didn’t have any older brothers or sisters to look to for musical taste. I pretty much just listened to what my parents listened to, which was a lot of the Beatles and some classic 80s stuff from my Mom, like Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Roxette, R.E.M., etc, and some unforgivable and unfortunate selections, like Phil Collins. Sometimes I’ll catch myself singing along to “Another Day in Paradise” or doing the drum solo along to “In the Air Tonight” when they’re playing on the radio and I hate myself a little bit. Seriously, my Mom must’ve played Serious Hits, Live on repeat about 5 or 6 times a day, every day. I hate so much about the things Phil Collins chooses to be! You can’t drum AND sing!

Anyway, my friends weren’t much help either. One of my best friends loved the Beatles and the other had an undying passion for Ace of Base. Dookie was probably the first album that I loved that nobody else knew about or liked (except Mom, apparently) and that was all mine.

Green Day live still ranks among my top concerts, ever. Blink-182 opened for them, if I recall correctly, and the show involved fireworks and chicken suits. That was at Fiddler’s Green when it was still Fiddler’s Green. Sort of fitting that that’s where I graduated, seeing as how Green Day was sort of where I started.

“She”, in concert:

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