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Day at the Beach

April 13, 2008

I decided that I probably haven’t been taking advantage of the weather or my proximity to the ocean lately. It was in the nineties yesterday so I decided to take my bike to the beach today and go for a ride. In preparation, I loaded every single Jack Johnson song I own on my mp3 player and mapped out routes. There’s a bike path that goes from Will Rogers Beach to Marina del Rey. I was sure something was going to go wrong given my lack of planning. I put my bike in the storage room in the basement months ago and haven’t checked on it since. Luckily the bike was still there, I managed to strap it on the bike rack on my car, it didn’t fly off on the highway, I found parking (even though it cost $7, I had like $7.13 in my wallet), my tire didn’t go flat, and I didn’t get sunburned. So imagine this:

Will Rogers Beach

with “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” playing. If I closed my eyes, it was almost like being in Hawaii. Almost. One thing I didn’t really think about was the fact that my bike seat sucks. By the way, I’d like to thank the a-wipe at ASU who stole my bike seat and cleverly replaced it with their own craptastic seat. I think I did the last two or three miles standing.

Two hours of biking, some 15 miles, I don’t even know how many calories, and about 3 miles without water and I was so hungry I could have eaten at Arby’s. Luckily there was one nearby.

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  1. Mike permalink
    April 17, 2008 10:30 pm

    excellent blog
    would read again

    (also, I’ve been drinking, and had Bruce Springteens “Secret Garden” stuck in my head for a couple days now.)

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