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Paley Fest

March 17, 2008

I wanted to go to the Buffy cast reunion night at Paley Fest, but I’m a loser and couldn’t get tickets. So instead, I got a ticket to go see “Judd Apatow and Friends”. The panelists included Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, Paul Feig, Busy Phillips (all Freaks and Geeks folks), Gary Shandling, Tom Arnold, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and Andy Dick (don’t worry, I was as confused as you are).


I got there a bit early so I was looking over some notes and listening to people’s conversations. I guess the people next to me were either friends with Judd, or under some king of group delusion wherein they all hang out together.  Also, instead of playing music in the auditorium before the show started, they just played television theme songs.  Am I a dork for saying I thought that was really cool?

They started the evening off with a clip of Jim Carrey on The Larry Sanders Show, and then he and Judd talked about their times working together, yada yada yada. Apparently Judd Apatow wrote jokes for Tom Arnold when he was writing for Roseanne, and they did tell a pretty weird/funny story about one time that Roseanne got superpissed about Tom saying that he wouldn’t want her to get plastic surgery because, “Hey, I like you even with the way you look now.” And then she clawed his face. I guess the connection is that they were filming something at Judd’s grandma’s house? There’s obviously some stuff I didn’t quite get.

They talked quite a bit about Freaks and Geeks, which I’ve talked about before on this blog. We watched the scene where Busy Philips, who played Kim Kelly, invites Lindsey over for dinner, only to end up in a huge fight with her parents. They talked about how in general everyone from the show has had success doing other things, though Judd quipped, “Actually, I think Sam Levine might be in the audience with a gun.” I’ve never really cared too much one way or the other about Busy Philips, but I gotta respect her for some comments she made about working with Judd. She talked about how after F&G, she wasn’t cast in Undeclared, but got some other work, and then was able to actually do a guest spot on Undeclared. She talked about what a great working environment it was being around all the old F&G cast and crew. She said she actually cried when she was done and had to go back to saying drivel on Dawson’s Creek. (Which, I realize– I watched that show. But, I cannot be held responsible for my actions. I think I was hyponotized by James Van Der Beek.)

We watched a scene from Knocked Up with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen when they were in Vegas, and talked about how they did the chair scene. They also aired the unedited scene of Jonah Hill/Jason Segal/Jay somethingorother talking about abortion. I believe it’s on the DVD extras. I think the highlight of the night though was when we got a preview of Jason Segal’s new movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. As soon as Judd mentioned the scene, Jason got a little concerned, “Are we gonna watch it? Now?” Apparently Jason’s character gets dumped by his girlfriend in the nude. Like, full frontal nude. Judd: “No, I think that you should have to watch it while we watch you watch it.” I think Jason turned beet red. But uh, he’s a really uh, talented guy. Tom Arnold seemed to be really impressed, at least.


We also got to watch a clip of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new movie Pineapple Express. I actually got tickets to go to a screening of it on Wednesday night, which would be super cool, except I have a final Thursday morning. Heck, I have a final tomorrow morning. I guess I should try not to fail all my classes.

Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill were on the stairs ahead of me on my way in, and then I saw them again on their way out. Jonah just hosted SNL on Saturday, and he had lost his voice so he didn’t speak up too much on the panel. And apparently, Mariah Carey did not like him. And she has somebody who just holds her Diet Coke for her. Yeah.

(My apologies for the out of focus pictures. Apparently I need to invest in a telephoto lens for celebrity stalking.)

I wish I had lived here last year, cause they had panels for The Office and Dexter. Put Dexter on the list of reasons why I’m going to fail out of grad school too.

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