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Clearly I’m Boring Even Myself Now

March 13, 2008
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Until something exciting happens, which should be soon, I’m cheating. Favorite bands, A-Z, one a day. That buys me almost a month.


A.F.I. – Proof that Christian Siriano is not the first guy to take a flat iron to his hair. The “Love Like Winter” video totally reminds me of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Which, actually now that I think about it, if they did an emo remake of that movie it would be like twenty times better.

Favorite song: Missing Frame

Favorite lyrics: “She exhales vanilla lace/I barely dreamt her yesterday…./Read the lines in the mirror through the lipstick trace “por siempre”/She said, ‘It seems you’re somewhere, faraway'”-Love Like Winter

Favorite video:

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