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February 20, 2008

Up to a certain point it was the law that made me go to school. And then, I went to school and did homework so I could graduate high school so that I wouldn’t end up living in a dumpster. It’s not that my parents made me finish, I don’t think. I seem to recall them telling me I could drop out whenever I wanted (that may be a false memory). It was society that made me finish college, because that’s what you do after high school. But now, now it’s just me. I’m the only one making myself go to grad school. Because really, a Ph.D. is above and beyond. Lately, I’ve been getting better and better about telling myself to fuck off. I spent the last three day weekend avoiding a homework set of 5 problems, and researching a 7 page paper. Granted, the problem set did end up taking me like 12 hours, but still, in high school I would’ve knocked something like that out in a day or two. And I can definitely say I would have written that paper in one night (the night before). So I’ve decided that’s all grad school is: a battle against yourself. Can you win that argument with yourself that you should really do a Web of Science search and find some sources instead of taking a “Can you name the movie from the DVD cover?” quiz on Facebook? Thesis committees, qualifying exams, those are just the details.

In my never-ending procrastination I’ve come across some cool stuff, so I’ll pass it on to you all and tell myself I wasn’t just wasting time.

  • Do yourself a favor and open a savings account at ING Direct. It’s linked to your checking account so you can transfer money back and forth whenever you need it. There’s no minimum and the interest rate is 3.4% (It was higher until the Fed cut interest rates earlier this year). I’ve already made $7 dollars this month, which is compared to $0 that I would have made in my checking account. When I logged into my other bank account to get my 1099’s so I could do my taxes, I got a cheery message from the bank that said “You didn’t make enough interest for us to even bother to generate a 1099!! Ha!”
  • One of my main hobbies is eating. Given that I have no money, my fridge is mainly filled with stuff like bread and cheese. Voilà!
  • Um, in case you didn’t know about Brad and me.
  • So say I want to listen to Rick Astley Right. Now. Done.
  • This is also extremely cool.
  • I think my eyes started bleeding I was on here so long. Lists! (How could I only be 58% done with Will Ferrell movies?? The shame.)
  • I don’t know what it says about me that I got 8/10 on this quiz.
  • An underwater hotel?? I’m so going to Dubai.
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  1. Mike permalink
    February 28, 2008 1:59 am

    Not even tangentially related.

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