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Women Vs. Wild

January 14, 2008


I went hiking with Brit on Saturday in Topanga Canyon. It’s about 1 mile from the beach and in the middle of some swanky neighborhood. But then you turn off some street and go through a gate and all of a sudden you’re in like, real wilderness. We were following the “Waterfall” trail, which promised us a waterfall at the end. Well that’s it, above. Pretty tiny. I scaled a rock with a rope to get to that. But in the end, it’s about the journey I guess. (Yeah right! I wanted a big waterfall!) Plus we got to play fun games like “Guess Which Fellow Hiker on the Trail is Also a Serial Killer” or “Was That Poison Oak?” or my favorite “I Don’t Think This is the Right Trail”. In the end we didn’t get lost or murdered, but it was good that I came prepared with Gummi Bears in case we did get stranded for days. And I didn’t even sprain an ankle this time! I do have a picture of us standing triumphantly in front of the waterfall, but the girl who took the picture failed to even get the waterfall in the shot, and I look like crap anyway.  I was a little sore from the boulder climbing the next day so I decided it would be a good idea to do a lot of squats and weight lifting (don’t ask me how my brain works…I don’t know).  Long story short, I can’t really move from a sitting to a standing position right now.

I saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets this past weekend, which was pretty entertaining for some right but mostly wrong reasons. Apparently there are vast caves of treasure all over this country waiting to be found. And it’s pretty easy to do it too. All you need is Nicolas Cage’s crack puzzle solving skills and a bad guy with a gun who threatens to kill you. On a side note: when did Helen Mirren get all that cleavage? Yowza.

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