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Thanksgiving just got so much awesomer

November 12, 2007

Saturday at the Rose Bowl:


I didn’t know whether to wear my ASU shirt or my UCLA shirt to the game…but I decided that a Sun Devil is a much better mascot than a Bruin (a bear? They’re the #1 threat to America)(and, you copied Cal, UCLA. Think of something original). Apparently Michael Crow was right…I’ll always bleed maroon and gold (Did he say that? Maybe he said I’ll always be bleeding money as long as I’m a student at ASU…hmm). Anyway, the score in the 3rd quarter:002.jpg

We sat next to a guy from Brazil and two people from France, so Brit had the unfortunate task of explaining what was happening to them the entire time while trying to make it sound interesting. When she explained that the game lasted 3 or 4 hours, and not just an hour (“But it is only an hour long game?!?!”) they started to get suspicious. Then the Brazilian guy proclaimed that he was bored. They all departed shortly thereafter (you can see the space they occupied next to Brit…already gone in the third quarter).

Thank god we won, because the heckling would have been so much worse had we lost. And to that gentleman who called me the ‘c’ word: Scoreboard, buddy. And also, shut the fuck up. Anyway, ASU is now no. 1 in the Pac-10. There are two games left, USC and Arizona. Arizona is a gimme, and USC is a home game. I remember the last time I went to a ASU-USC game at Sun Devil Stadium. USC was on that undefeated streak, and we came that close to beating them. It was really exciting, even though the season at that point was a total loss. And guess when the USC game is? Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the nothing-but-football post…I did do other things this weekend. I got Dairy Queen, which was exciting, and I also finally saw American Gangster. Enjoyed at the same time even, so double the fun. Oh! And, somebody jumped off my building last night and killed themselves…Brit blames the architecture. (My apartment complex looks slightly like the projects). The FBI was here supposedly. It was kind of a weird night.

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