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Walk Hard: A Review

November 9, 2007

So this guy I know* got me tickets to the press screening of Walk Hard, which I went to Thursday evening.

I was skeptical at first that Walk Hard would really be that funny…it looked like maybe a good idea for a sketch on SNL but not a feature length film. Then I heard that Judd Apatow co-wrote it, and I reasoned that he hasn’t really done anything I haven’t liked. The film was a spoof of Walk the Line and Ray, though it played off Walk the Line a lot more, almost scene for scene. I think everyone involved knew what kind of movie they were making and as a result the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. For entertainment value, I give it high marks–kind of a spot-the-Apatow-crew-member fest, with plenty of cameos. For comedy, I’d have to rank it somewhere along the lines of Blades of Glory. I laughed, I chuckled, but I don’t think I really cracked up at any point. Maybe one two many Cox jokes and the monkey was just gratuitous. As far as Jenna’s role goes, it reminded me a lot of her part in BoG…actually several scenes were really similar (boys, you know what I’m talking about). I’m also 99% sure that wasn’t her singing…unless she managed to get a range lower than what she was singing during Grief Counseling and significantly change the timbre of her voice. Craig Robinson and Ed Helms also made appearances. All in all, I’d say it doesn’t come close in caliber to either Knocked Up or Superbad, but I saw it for free so…no harm no foul. On a side note David Krumholtz was at the screening (he plays Dewey’s manager) and was apparently standing next me in line for 5 minutes and I didn’t even notice. I saw him later (talking to some very fine ladies, I might add) near the restrooms. He’s gotta be like 5’3″ tall. I guess he was aptly cast as the elf in The Santa Clause.

*The guy in front of AMC Century City 15 last Saturday night who was handing out free passes.

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