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Weekend Update

October 28, 2007

Friday evening my Mom gave birth to twins!


Picture courtesy my sister. Their names are Ethan and Liam, though I’m not sure which is which. My mother stole my boy’s name (which was apparently also my sister’s boy’s name). It doesn’t really matter, because that was just an emergency-knocked-up-scenario baby name anyway, but still. I won’t actually get to see them until Thanksgiving, or almost a month from now.

Saturday was supposed to be awesome, because UCLA, ASU and the Rockies were playing. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with an appropriate adjective for UCLA’s football team, you know, something that means having a propensity to lose to absolutely terrible teams and beat teams with which you have no business playing on the same field. (They lost. I don’t want to discuss it.)

Amazingly, ASU pulled off a win against Cal (even though UCLA also beat Cal…it bears no relevance; the Bruins could probably take down LSU and lose to….Colorado State). The stands were packed, too. It’s more or less an illusion that people really care about the Sun Devils; the stands are only full because ASU is 8-0. But still, I wish I were there. It figures, they go and get all good as soon as I leave.

And then the Rockies….the Rockies. I was watching game one, and it took a moment to process the fact that the Rockies were actually in the World Series, I mean seriously, wtf? But once that passed, I actually got excited that the Rockies might win. Until like, 20 minutes later when they lost 13 to 1 to the Red Sox, who are supposed to be the Good Guys. But nobody humiliates the baseball team that I half-heartedly root for! (The last time I had any idea who played for the Rockies it was Andres Galarraga, Dante Bichette, Larry Walker, and Vinny Castilla.) I’m sorry Red Sox fans, but your team is Evil. Like the Yankees. (Snap!) As much as the Rockies are breaking my heart, Fox has to go and show video of the city and the mountains and everybody shouts out “mountains” really loud during God Bless America, and dang, I want to go home.

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