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An evening at Baja Fresh

September 20, 2007

Lesson number 1: Always take your digital camera with you. You never know when you may be eating dinner at Baja Fresh and accidentally wind up across the street from the Good Luck Chuck premiere.

Lesson number 2: Upgrade to a camera with a better flash.


Luckily, my computer comes with photo editing software:


In case you can’t tell from my stellar photography skills, that is Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. Much to my disappointment, Jessica Alba seems really nice and really beautiful in real life.

Full story: Some amigos and I were on a quest for fresh Mexican food from Baja Fresh. We stopped at the one in Westwood, only to find that the premiere of Good Luck Chuck was taking place across the street. There were a fair amount of people gathered close to the blue carpet and being restrained by gates and security. Figuring what the hey, we’ve never seen a movie premiere before, we decided to grab a table outside on the sidewalk. As we ate our delicious burritos complemented by chips and an array of salsas, more and more people started to line up around the sidewalk. “Well, we’re just sitting here eating dinner. It was totally coincidental that there are celebrities over there. Whatever,” we said. Then the limos and black Escalades starting arriving and some dude stood right in front of our table blocking the view. “What is this guy doing? I can’t see any more. I’m standing,” I ceded. We had finished eating and decided we were only waiting 15 minutes for anything exciting to happen. Then that guy who was in Balls of Fury…you know, the fat one? I don’t know his name…Dan something. Anyway, he showed up and then for some reason, it was on. We all lined up as close to the sidewalk as we could get and I whipped out my digital camera. Eventually Jessica Alba and Dane Cook showed up in separate Escalades. Some guy in Dane Cook’s Escalade stepped out with his shirt untucked, his hair messy, and just generally unprepared for the public event he was about to attend. I don’t know who he was or what he was doing in that van, but I suppose it’s not my place to speculate.

We also saw that guy from 30 Rock that looks like Jimmy Fallon. So this brings the celebrity sightings count up to 6. I’m only counting Jessica and Dane, because I figure if I don’t know their name without looking it up on imdb, then they’re probably not celebrities yet.

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