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Great Things about Fall

September 12, 2007
  • The fall issue of Vogue weighs like, 15 pounds.
  • Football! (I will be unavailable on Sundays until January.)
  • Even though LA is still a desert, it is easier to pretend that sweater weather is actually coming here than in say, Phoenix.
  • It means winter is coming; that time of the year when pale is back in.
  • Halloween, the greatest holiday ever invented, comes around in October. And while I’m sure that it won’t be as glorious as fall in New England, with the red and orange leaves, and glowing jack o’lanterns decorating front porches (really, really big front porches) and the reams of children running and laughing in the wide tree-lined streets (much of this I’m basing on the movie Hocus Pocus), I’m sure there will be some crazy costume parties in West Hollywood.
  • New episodes of all the good shows on TV.
  • We can drink hot beverages again.
  • Election season draws ever nearer. Why is this a good thing, you ask? Because of this.
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