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A genuine opportunity to be cool, and I blew it

September 6, 2007

To me, one of the best things about being in LA is that there are so many opportunities to go out and be entertained. A couple weeks ago, Brit, Marva, and I went to iO West, a small improv theater that has produced a lot of big names. We got tickets to see The Armando Show, an improv show wherein a special guest starts the show off with a suggestion from the audience and then launches into an impromptu monologue. The improv actors (improvisers?) then create scenes inspired by the monologue. The guest was supposed to be Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin on The Office. However, she couldn’t make it, so Kate Flannery (Meredith on The Office) took her place. First off you guys, she is so pretty in real life. She had a cute retro dress and blue glasses that I’m definitely coveting now. I don’t know who dresses her on set, but they sure do a good job of making her unattractive.

I’m usually leery of improv shows, mainly because I think improv isn’t always that funny. However, I think I got proved wrong. I seriously had a great time, and bonus-Tim Meadows happened to show up to join the cast for the night. The theater itself is really small…about 6 chairs per row. And we got front row seats. I could have reached out and touched Tim’s leg! But I didn’t, because that would be patheticville. The tickets, which were cheap to begin with, also allowed us into all of the later shows as well, so we decided to stay and see Inside the Improviser’s Studio…with Angela Kinsey. Apparently they were shooting a night scene with her and Rainn so she couldn’t make the earlier show. She talked about growing up in Indonesia (!) and Texas and all the different improv troupes she’s been a part off. At one point she asked the audience to give her a random topic, and pointed at Marva…but then somebody else shouted out “disposable camera” (boring!). She didn’t say a whole lot about season 4 of the show, but I do remember her mentioning a couple things that were exciting…and she seemed to be excited about the Jim/Pam storyline. So hopefully that will work out.

After the show, we hung out in the bar for a little while and Angela came out to say hi to everybody. We all went up to talk to her, or in theory we did, because Marva and I were acting like hyper fangirls and couldn’t actually form sentences. Luckily, Brit had her wits and managed to ask for a picture:

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