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Labor Day

September 4, 2007

Even though I spent the last four years in Arizona, where summer temps usually stay above 100 degrees, the “heat wave” that hit Los Angeles this last week had me and pretty much everybody else complaining. I spent Saturday in a bored daze, rotating between the bed and the armchair, but never more than 20 feet away from the air conditioner, and feeling a bit like I’d already lost my new LA mojo.

Sunday, Marva and I headed over to the Grove and paid a whopping $12.75 (each) to see Hairspray, because apparently did we not only miss the matinee price, but it was a special ‘holiday’ period. I don’t know if Hairspray itself was worth it, but the preview of Bee Movie alone made the night worthwhile.

Fast forward to the Ray Liotta honey: (0:50). Holy hell I want some of that!

Monday I decided to hit up some of the thrift stores on Fairfax. First off, it was about 100 degrees outside, which admittedly isn’t that bad. But it doesn’t hardly ever get above 80 here, according to trusted sources, and air conditioning doesn’t exist everywhere. In fact, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t installed in my apartment window until a few years ago. I’m pretty sure I saw the same model at the last Best Western I was at. Anyway, the “thrift” (I’m dubious of any place calling itself a thrift store which has single items of clothing priced at over $50) store had no a/c, and though I saw a fan in the back of the store, almost knocking itself over with the speed at which it was set, I stood directly in front of it and felt no better. I went to another place across the street, which had an even worse selection, though there were several people sitting cross legged in a circle on the floor, apparently following the leadership of a man in silver cape. The employees would call out vehicle descriptions every couple minutes, and after I worked out that they weren’t, in fact, selling these cars at thrift store prices, but merely asking that they be moved somewhere else, I left. There was a deli/bakery across the street that seemed fairly happening, and I shuffled over there, still dripping sweat. The place was packed, and I opted for getting something to go rather than waiting for a table. I got a cupcake.


All in all, not a bad weekend.

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